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Lubrication systems for presses

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Oil and Grease lubrication systems

Presses are a machine tools capable of generating a continuous and progressive pressure for processing materials.

It is a versatile apparatus, which, given its characteristics, is used in several processes:

- compacting materials;

- manufacturing processes and forming sheet metal and raw material from foundries;

- shearing and deforming material placed in the mould.

Lubrication of eccentric and injection presses

Presses are composed of numerous components and mobile parts, which, due to prolonged activity, are placed under constant mechanical stress that increases the risk of wear and tear.

A lubrication system minimises these risks, and at the same time ensures that all of the machine’s mechanical components are moving correctly.

Presses are divided into two main categories: hydraulic presses, whose operation is based on a liquid oil kept under pressure, and mechanical presses, which in turn are divided into further categories.

One of these is the eccentric press, which is mainly used in the cold working of sheet metal for shredding and punching operations. This machine functions by means of a motor that drives the fly-wheel, to which it is connected by a mechanical transmission ratio consisting of toothed wheels and belts, and the energy developed is transmitted thanks to an eccentric shaft.

For the key components in this type of press, such as the connecting rod, the con-rod head, the guides and the gears, oil lubrication is recommended due to the high operating intensity that they are subjected to during machine operation.

Another category involves injection presses, used in processes in which plastic material is melted and injected into a mould, in order to subsequently obtain the finished solidified product.

To enable this process, we have both solutions for oil lubrication and grease lubrication for fixed and mobile surfaces, slides, guides, connecting rods and reaction heads.

The reason for having the option for two different solution types is that fixed and mobile surfaces need to support heavier loads, so grease lubrication is recommended due to its greater consistency that is suitable for assisting with movement between parts, as well as for specifically supporting the functionality of these mechanical components.

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Lubrication systems for presses
Lubrication systems for presses

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