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Lubrication systems for the transport industry

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Grease lubrication for the transport sector

The transport sector includes the use of industrial machinery characterised by heavy operational duty because of the continuous movement, which entails a high operating intensity of the parts.

As a result of this, the use of a lubrication system is fundamental to always guarantee the correct operation of the machines and offer the maximum level of efficiency, safety and reliability, even more when the work under difficult conditions such as those in this sector.

DropsA makes available a vast range of solutions for the grease lubrication of the gears, the bearings, the pivot points and the joints.

Lubrication systems that can be controlled from the vehicle cab

The systems are automatic and can be controlled from the vehicle cab, and they can be created with single outlet electric pumps and a system of progressive dosing devices, or with multi-outlet pumps with which it is possible to reach the end points directly to be lubricated without installing the dosing devices.

These solutions apply to all type of machinery, from the installations for the quarries, lorries, excavators and cranes, latest generation articulated lorries, machines for road construction, paving machines, loaders, bulldozers, crawlers with the objective of having to involuntarily stop the machine due to problems tied to the lubrication and optimise the stresses of operation, decreasing the frequency of having to topup and improving the operating cost-effectiveness of the production processes.

Grease and multi-point lubrication


The NRUN activation function, which connects the pump to the ignition key of the machine, makes it possible to synchronise the lubrication cycles directly by starting the vehicle.


The complete lubrication systemtypically includes:

1. Bravo pump

2. Distributors.

3. Remote indication of the status with thecontrol button

Thanks to a simple button located in the vehiclecab, the driver always knows the status of the lubrication.

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Lubrication systems for the transport industry
Lubrication systems for the transport industry

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