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35 point lubrication from a small pump

Following the PoliPUMP NRUN for the automotive industry, Dropsa is ready to launch a new version of the famous multipoint pump. The new PoilPUMP FP is equipped with a stirring paddle and follower plate to ensure correct operation even when upside down.

The stirring paddle and wiper maintain good grease consistency, prevent separation and eliminate air bubbles that may form in the grease ensuring good performance even at low temperatures.

In addition the follower plate the new PoliPUMP FP has been designed with two different reservoirs sizes of 4L and 0.5L, the latter designed to be used on all sizes of machine tools.

PoliPUMP FP is available in NRUN version for vehicles and chassis lubrication.

With the PoliPUMP FP in just a few steps you can design and install an automatic centralised lubrication system for up to 35 points without any specialised engineering skills.


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