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The compact and versatile solution for small spaces

OMEGA is the new DropsA multi-outlet electric grease pump, designed for the lubrication of small and medium lubrication systems.

The innovative centralized lubrication system is characterized by its versatility. In fact, it can be used simultaneously on both progressive systems and on multi-line systems.

On MULTI-LINE SYSTEMS, using the 8 pumping units, the machine's friction point can be lubricated directly, without the use of dosing units!

The system can be expanded using the 2 pumping units predisposed for PROGRESSIVE SYSTEMS. The pump connects to dividers (ex: nP, nPr+, SMX, SMP) that distribute the lubricant to the lubrication points. Like all progressive systems, the system can reach small, medium and large dimensions, depending on the needs of the machinery.

Available both with loading reservoir and with preloaded cartridge, OMEGA pump, with its compact design, is the perfect solution for installation in small spaces.


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