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Air/Oil Lubrication consists of an air stream, which normally operates continuously, used to provide cooling to the lubrication point and as a transport medium to carry small quantities of oil to the lubrication point.

The oil-injected into the air stream at regular intervals coats the surfaces to be lubricated and reduces friction and wear.

By using the VIP4Tools product range you can take full advantage of recent advances in machine tool and lubricant technology to achieve substantial cost saving and environmental benefits.

Designed for high performance with low cost, The VIP4Tools/Double Effect panel is to be utilized for ‘on spindle’ applications, without controls on the machine, for the lubrication of tooling and chains.

The system comprises a pneumatically controlled mini-pump and the mixer base.

The mini-pumps have a fixed delivery (7, 15 o 30 mm³/stroke).

The double-acting mini pumps are pneumatically driven by a solenoid without mechanical spring return allowing much faster operation of the unit without any risk of spring fatigue.

Dropsa has a completely modular approach to designing large air-oil systems used primarily in the steel industry. This modular design of the system makes it extremely versatile; up to a maximum of 8 mixer bases can be installed.


 Resistant mini-pumps that can achieve cyclic operation also 0.1 s / stroke;

 Does not generate spray mist but a minimal mixture of air/oil;

 Modularity allows easy maintenance and low cost;

 Save the lubricant due to low dose;

 Respect and safeguard of the environment;

 Significant reduction in process costs;

A complete range of components, lubricants and accessories to realise your Dry Machining Application.

Vip4 Tools Double Effect
Vip4 Tools Double Effect

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