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Oil in Air Sensor

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Maximum detection precision

During the minimal lubrication process, it is of fundamental importance to check the presence of the correct quantity of lubricant in the air flow to ensure correct system operation. The air flow in air-oil lubrication systems is constantly in action and has the dual function of transporting oil directly to the point of lubrication and of cooling the system, which tends to overheat due to the high operating speed of components.

Measuring oil particles

For this reason, we have designed the Oil in Air Sensor. This device is easily installed directly on air-oil outlet pipes and is able to detect the presence of micro particles of oil in several directions with the utmost precision thanks to the two optical sensors positioned at 90° to each other, for continuous and impeccable monitoring of the pipe cross section.

The sensor is equipped with an internal software that analyses the passage of the oil particles within a pre-set time interval. Through a series of pulses generated based on the amount of oil detected, it provides feedback that helps users control the progress of the lubrication cycle, allowing them to set the number of pulses best suited to the type of its system on its PLC.

System safeguarding

Its use is ideal in air/oil systems with an impulse-driven cycle and for the lubrication of high-speed mandrels installed on machine tools, as it protects them from any breakages and continuously guarantees maximum machine operation.

Oil in Air Sensor
Oil in Air Sensor

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