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New DL 32 and DL33 oil injectors

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Specific solutions for low and medium viscosity oil

The new DL 32 and DL 33 oil injectors have been specially designed to dispense oil with low and medium viscosity at a minimum value of 32 cSt, and are able to supply the necessary amount of oil to the friction points, making use of the supply line pressure.

These injectors also have the advantage of modularity, because they can be replaced or inspected without removing the assembly and without having to intervene on fittings or pipes. Furthermore, they are also interchangeable with relevant market injectors, an aspect that makes them easily applicable to various types of systems.

The simplicity of use makes them easy to install and ideal for the lubrication of small, medium and large bearings and of earth-moving machinery.

The correct amount of oil for each point

Providing an accurate, correct amount of lubricant is extremely important to ensure that the components of a machine work properly.

Oil lubrication systems let you adjust lubricant dispensing accurately and impeccably for each point, even lowering the temperature of the bearing or lubricated air.

Our understanding of the characteristics of an application and the needs of the industrial lubrication market helps us design solutions that are increasingly targeted and suitable for achieving specific objectives, with quality solutions tailor-made for our customers.

DL 32 and DL33 oil injectors
DL 32 and DL33 oil injectors

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