SICOLAB - Silent Compressor for Laboratories

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The impressively quiet laboratory compressor station

silent – compact – mobile

The versatile compressor station for laboratories and clean rooms

The SICOLAB oil-free compressor system was conceived by Dürr Technik, specifically to be stored and used at the technician’s workbench. This is now possible, due to its extremely quiet, vibration free operation, and the compact size.

The SICOLAB has an appealing, modern look, which perfectly complements other equipment in the laboratory. Its space-saving design allows it to fit neatly under the laboratory desk, while the sound-dampening cabinet substantially reduces noise. The system features an intuitive user interface and a simple plug-and-play operation. True to Dürr Technik traditions, reliability and longevity all come standard.

SICOLAB – all advantages at first glance

Ultra quiet


Compact to fit under the lab desk

Modern design

Plug-and-Play thanks to the quick-connect outlet

Adjustable outlet pressure simply set the desired pressure up to 8 bar (116 psi)

Sterile filter (optional) filtration grade 0,01 µm

Activated carbon filter (optional) removes odor and other impurities from the compressed air

Mobility - swivel wheels

Endurance - designed to run even at 100 % duty-cycle

Automatic condensate evaporator - elimination of manual drainage

Air tank with anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion coating

Recessed handles

Secondary rear panel outlet connection

Very long service life

Membrane dryer 100 % duty-cycle (optional)

Maintenance-free - easy-to-replace filter

Anti-bacterial coating for the interior tank

Our air tanks feature a proprietary internal, anti-bacterial coating.

When the application requires dry air,an optional membrane dryer can be integrated with the system. With this option, the system generates consistently dry, compressed air even at 100 % duty-cycle - perfection made by Dürr Technik.

Membrane dryer

Economical purge air consumption for improved energy efficiency

Patented pressure limitation valve for optimizing the starting process

Flexible: dew point is adjustable to meet the application requirements

Compressed air specification

Maximum operating pressure 8 bar (116 psi)

Dew point recuced by up to 60 K (108 °Ra)

Air quality according to ISO 8573-1 up to class 1:3:1

Ambiant conditions

Relative humidity up to 95%

Operating temperature range from 5°C to 40°C (41 °F to 104 °F)


Membrane dryer

Sterile filter 0.01µm

Activated carbon filter

Spiral coiled hose with compressed air gun

Spezial voltages on request

Your benefits

Low noise

Compact design


100 % duty-cycle



Very long service life

Large variety of versions

SICOLAB - Silent Compressor for Laboratories

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