The Dracone Barge a truly flexible bulk liquid transport solution

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The Dracone has been adapted and is now available in a range of sizes to meet specific industry demands. The flexible design has seen it adapted to many different industry applications, and GRG Dunlop have never hesitated to adapt and fit for crisis management / international disaster relief / military fuel movement / Dirty water transportation / remote oil storage.

Manufactured by Dunlop DRG in Manchester, the Dracone barge is a flexible, towable bladder constructed from high resistance materials enabling it to withstand hostile ocean conditions. The interior coating is specially designed to store fuels, but is also suitable for carrying vital potable water. The tough outer surface means it is highly resistant to all weather conditions, salt water, ozone attack and abrasion.

Originally conceived in 1956 at Cambridge University as a means of transporting buoyant cargoes, the Dracone barge has primarily been used by the military for transporting refined fuels, providing high capacity reserves for waterborne operations. Dracone barges are currently in use by the military in a number of countries around the world.

n more recent years, the Dracone has played an important role in oil pollution control, with the towable floating tanks used to capture fuel spills around the world. With their inherent flexibility, they can be quickly transported by helicopter, filled to an enormous capacity to limit oil spill movements, and then easily towed for safe disposal. An example of a similar use is provided by our client, the US Navy. The barges were used to take fuel from a stricken US Naval vessel off the coast of Chile and then towed several hundred miles to a disposal point.

In disaster relief zones the same principal applies, Dracones can be sent for immediate action to store and transport potable water, as well as waste and contaminated water storage. Dracones can now be seen on-shore in relief centres as much as offshore where onshore space may be at a premium.

Easy to set up, quick to launch and can be towed with ease under most conditions, for bulk handling of liquids. With non-inflatable buoyancy it will float whether empty or full. The Dracone offers lots of potential and GRG Dunlop continues to find new applications.

The Dracone Barge a truly flexible bulk liquid transport solution

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