The HyRAV® hydraulic valve actuator series: Powerful, individual, safe and perfectly adapted to your needs

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Eckart's HyRAV® hydraulic valve actuators are a complete range of double-acting or spring-return actuators based on the helical gear principle. The compact, concentric positioning on the valve has proved successful in practice and is both space-saving and reliable. The HyRAV® series can be used in difficult conditions, from strong vibrations to adverse environmental conditions and provides a powerful, safe solution for valve automation. With their sophisticated technology and high level of reliability, Eckart actuators have been very received in the market.

Advantages at a glance

• 12 actuator sizes with torques up to 250,000 Nm at 210 bar

• Small dimensions, slim, compact design

• Long-lasting and reliable

• Because of the concentric design, no radial forces are transmitted to the valve

• Optimum end cushioning protects the valve and the actuator

• Easy installation and adjustment of each valve

• Maintenance-free, no lubrication required

• Suitable for on/off, control and fail-safe operation

• Consistent torque across the entire torque range

• High repeat accuracy and very simple control of flow rates

• Extremely rapid closure possible (e.g. 90° in 0.2 sec.)

• Withstands extreme environmental conditions

• High-quality components

The power of hydraulics

"The new development is primarily the result of in-depth discussions with valve-manufacturers, system planners and system operators", explains Markus Eckart, Managing Director of Eckart GmbH: "It was important for us to develop a special actuator for the valve industry which incorporates all the advantages of hydraulics and which counters any reservations about fluid technology."

Often, people lack knowledge about modern hydraulics and have no experience in this field. They are thus often unaware of major advantages such as energy efficiency and high power density. Hydraulics acts directly, without gears and with a practically incompressible medium. In addition, a hydraulic valve systemically offers a much higher power density than other actuator concepts. They are space- and energy-saving, sturdy and generate extremely high forces, have a high repeat accuracy and are very precise.

Concerns about the use of hydraulics and its alleged disadvantages also disappeared long ago. The fluid loss of modern hydraulic actuators, if used correctly, is lower today than the lubricant loss from the gearing of an electric actuator. In addition, biodegradable, non-toxic fluids are used in particularly critical environments. Solutions developed by Eckart are used, for example, in the food industry and in environmentally sensitive areas such as offshore plants.

Design and material

The largest actuator in the series produces 250 000 Nm, operates at just 5-10 bar and can therefore also be operated economically from this pressure range. The permitted operating pressure is 210 bar. Because of the generous hollow shaft design and adjustable flanges, the actuator can be adapted to any industrial valve. With its long holes in the flange area, the actuator can be attached and adjusted to any valve quickly and easily.

For its materials, Eckart uses high-quality, high-strength steels and ductile cast iron. All slide couplings are nitrided, are force-lubricated in an oil bath and thus show almost zero wear. This means that the actuator is also particularly suitable for control operation. The connection diagram has been chosen in such a way that any subassemblies can be attached. A compact subassembly can also be mounted directly with the actuator, thus enabling pipe-free assembly. This means that both centralized and decentralized supply are possible.

If you need something faster

The preconditions for extremely rapid closure are a special highlight. Closure times of less than 0.2 seconds with a DN800 valve have actually been achieved, for example. Difficult requirements can also be met; for example, metallically closing valves can be gently moved into the end position without destroying the valve, thanks to the technically sophisticated "Eckart cushioning".

System design

In cooperation with the customer, the HyRAV® can also be adapted for special applications, in consultation with our sales representatives and internal support staff. We can often provide very simple designs which will offer the customer considerable cost savings and provide a vital competitive edge.

Areas of use

All areas of use for industrial valves can theoretically be covered.

Power: Power stations of all types

Oil & gas: Exploration, offshore, refineries, pipelines, tankers

Water: Steel water structures, waterworks, sewage treatment plants

Industry: Ship and submarine building, steel works, the chemical / pharmaceutical industry, food industry

Technical data:

• Torques: 500 – 250 000 Nm

• Max. perm. operating pressure: 210 bar

• Angle of rotatition: 90°

• Positioning precision: < 0.5° of total angle

• Protection: IP68

• Duty cycle: S1 – 100%

• Adjustment times OPEN/SHUT: 0.5 sec. – 200 sec.

• Explosion-protected ATEX version available

• High level of corrosion protection

The HyRAV® hydraulic valve actuator series: Powerful, individual, safe and perfectly adapted to your needs

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