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NEW: threaded probe by EGE

The temperature sensitive measuring elements are fitted in the tip of the probe. The probe tip and the adjoining thread/mounting part are made in one piece of stainless steel in many probes. This guarantees absolute tightness and high compressive strength. Special materials are used in corrosive, and particularly in oxidizing media, since stainless steel shows only limited resistance to corrosion in this application. In standard applications, probes can be mounted independently of the direction of flow of the medium.

In any case, it is important to make sure that the pin of probe is completely surrounded by the medium to be monitored. Please note that for smaller cross-sections the sensor tip narrows the tube's cross-section. This results in a higher flow rate. In order to avoid malfunctions caused by unstable flow patterns no fittings that could affect the flow cross-section or the flow direction should be placed directly in front of and behind the sensor. The point of reference for the input/outlet section is approximately 4 to 8 times the tube diameter.


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