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Hirth Ring Coupling

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Used for the accurate positioning of axial-symmetric components

Hirth joints consist of radial teeth formed by grooves milled or ground into the end face of a cylindrical shaft. The teeth mesh around a ring, as the torque capacity of teeth increases with their diameter. This ring is arranged to be at the maximal possible diameter for the space available. The centre of a shaft is not toothed, as this would add little torque capacity to the coupling and the increasingly narrow teeth would become impractical to cut.

Hirth rings enable you to position your work­pieces or products with positive locking and with the highest precision enabling you to produce parts of the highest quality standards while achieving maximum productivity levels.

Typical applications are usually found in the machine tool industry and in general mechanical engineering markets.

Our technical team is available to work with you to study, design and manufacture Hirth Couplings that meet your specific needs, for your specific projects!

Hirth Ring Coupling

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