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Displacement sensors for off-road machinery

More efficiency and profitability for off-road machinery

Heavy work is a common denominator for most off-highway vehicles working in, for example, construction, agriculture, mining, military, and transportation. Besides heavy work this sort of machinery is met with two crucial and contradictory requirements; i) they must operate in some of the harshest conditions, and ii) they should induce minimal breakdowns which can result in costly downtime or even endangering lives e.g., in military applications. To satisfy such difficult requirements, monitoring, predictive maintenance, and automation have become an increasingly important part of the vehicles which naturally require sensors.

DS-Series displacement sensors from ElastiSense are built for when the going gets tough. DS-Series sensors consist of an innovative, extremely strong, durable, and very efficient stretch sensor, fully encapsulated in high grade silicone rubber, with embedded electronics. This makes it extremely durable and resistant to external influences such as rain, snow, dust, heat, cold, dirt and other environment and weather-related obstacles. Apart from that, the stretch sensor technology combined with the silicone rubber encapsulation, makes it bendable in all directions and tolerant to over-stroke and misalignment. The technology is unique for ElastiSense products and provides an efficient and optimal alternative to non-contact or cylinder-based sensors.

To further outcompete other sensor technology, installation, operation, maintenance effort and costs can be substantially reduced as there is no need for special mounting, protection, or cleaning of the sensors.

You mount it to your off-road machinery with two screws, plug the cable from the embedded electronics to your control system in your application, and you are good to go. Could not be simpler and easier!

The possibilities for monitoring are endless. All moving parts, for example are very relevant to monitor to be able to detect if something is off. Monitoring hydraulics is also very relevant in applications where hydraulics plays a big part in the overall function of the machinery. Suspension is present in virtually all off-road machinery and being able to monitor the suspension is often crucial to the efficiency of the application. In all three examples, efficient monitoring allows for predictive maintenance and the possibility to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

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