Pumping 600 °C hot salt - a challenging task

Thomas Bleif
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High temperature pumps for molten salt - Collaboration Egger with Azelio

The Swedish company Azelio, specialized in thermal energy storage, developed a unique pump system for heat transfer in an energy storage system producing cost-effective sustainable electricity on demand around the clock. The key to the system’s effectiveness is the ability to pump liquid sodium at a high temperature (600 °C), which is why Azelio has collaborated with Egger to find an efficient solution.

Egger developed a solution that meets Azelio’s stringent power and performance requirements. In practice, the system drives heat through two pumps: one that heats the thermal storage unit, and another one transferring heat from the storage unit to the Stirling engine (motor converting thermal energy into electrical energy).

The pump system has been tested and works well in a controlled environment. The system is now being checked by running a long time test during 4000 hours in real-life conditions.

This collaboration is highly positive. Egger is proud of being able to offer its expertise and contribute to create a unique and innovative system helping more people having access to a reliable and effective power supply.

Egger Pump for 600 °C hot molten salt - Azelio
Egger Pump for 600 °C hot molten salt - Azelio

Egger pump for 600 °C hot molten salt

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