We´re here again!

Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH
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We wish you all a very good new year and hope you have a good and successful start to 2017!

For us it means that a very exciting and important year has drawn to a close. Even over the holiday period we were anything but inactive, working worldwide on five different construction sites. These were in Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Hamburg. We also had a “home game” in Landsberg am Lech nearby.

In order that the machines and plants of our customers operate optimally, we all pull together, enabling us to survive even the most stressful and demanding times.

With our move to Igling, which is imminent, we have not only created a new and larger business location, but much more, the basis for a start in a new future which will enable us to grow more, process more contracts and which will provide us with double motivation for the future.

The new year promises us new stories, new contacts and new challenges which will help move us forward both career wise and privately. We´d like to take this opportunity to once again thank you all for the great co-operation of the last year and look forward to an eventful 2017.

We´re here again!

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