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ESTA has launched a new wet separator series.

The DUSTOMAT HYDRO series reliably and safely accompanies work processes with flying sparks. The compact systems are also suitable for extracting highly flammable substances.

The new wet separators of the DUSTOMAT HYDRO series feature innovative water separation technology. This safely binds the extracted dust and sparks in water. The pre-cleaned flow of air then passes through a multi-stage filter system, which can be configured by the customer depending on the application, whether it is a filter cassette for dust class M dusts or a high-performance HEPA H 14 filter with a separation efficiency of > 99.995 % for dusts that are particularly hazardous to health. Various options are available to customers depending on the materials processed, and whether the system is to be operated in recirculating air or exhaust air mode. The water and the dusts separated with it can easily be discharged via a drain cock.

The new DUSTOMAT HYDRO wet filter systems are suitable as single and multi-station extraction systems for metallic dusts, among other things, especially in grinding, brushing and polishing processes. The separators are particularly quiet in operation and are available in two performance levels as well as in an ATEX version. Thanks to improvements in ventilation technology and the optimal design of the components, the new wet separators work at maximum capacity and with comparatively low energy consumption.

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