Rubber Lagging Sheet

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Rubber Lagging Sheet from EurasiaBelts GmbH

Head drums and drums usually need to be rubber-coated to increase the adhesion and coefficient of friction on the conveyor belt. A smooth rubber coating is generally used for (metal) drums to extend the life of the drum and reduce slurry.

It can be easy, fast, and customized reinstalled with smooth rotation. The slippage between belts and drums can be reduced by it. It reduces the noise levels and vibrations, meanwhile, it has a long service life.

It can be used as pulley lagging, vibrating feeder liner, slip liner, shock absorbers, and metal-rubber adhesive surface.

It should be store in a cool, ventilated, and dry environment. The storage temperature is -10~40 °C for 9-12 months(with CN-layer) available, for no longer than 3 years (without CN-layer) available.

Rubber Lagging Sheet
Rubber Lagging Sheet

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