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Repair Strip from EurasiaBelts GmbH

The Repair Strip, which is developed from our company, is repaired especially for large wear, the long longitudinal cracks as well as the edge wear on conveyor belts. The adhesive surface contains a semi-vulcanized layer to achieve a strong bonding effect. Our new technology reduces the surface stickiness of the CN layer but enhances its adhesion. The repair strips need no cleaning or grinding on the CN layer before use and have a longer storage life for two to three years.

The conveyor belt can be applied again quickly by the repair strip with its excellent quality, high tensile strength, and adhesive strength. The repair progress is easy, fast, and customized. There is no need to clean and grind the belt before using it. It has a long service and storage life. It can be used for cracks, edge wear, and long-distance tear.

The storage temperature is -10~40 °C for 2-3 years. It should be store in a cool, ventilated, and dry environment. Always keep it away from heat and open flame.

A large number of repair strips are in stock and can be delivered immediately.

Repair Strips
Repair Strips

Repair Strips

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