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Nozzles' applications

Spray systems are used in sewage treatment and sludge treatment plants.

Depending on the needs of the plant, we are able to propose different alternatives depending on the type of process: bottom crusher, bottom stirrers, bottom aerators, washing of the filtering partitions, deodorization. We can propose, depending on the sector and the specific needs of the customer, the optimal solution for any application.


We suggest the use of full cone nozzles that allows a homogeneous covering of the area where the foams are formed, as well as being able to guarantee, where necessary, on the containment wall, a useful washing for the reforming on the edge of an accumulation of a series of detritus brought by the unwanted foams.

Flat jet spraying systems can also be used in open-air tanks.

In the waste treatment sector is possible to use systems for the removal of dust, in addition to the deodorizing system.

These systems are suitable for the introduction of chemical products into the treatment cycle which will eliminate any bad odors produced by the system.

Also in the organic waste treatment sector destined to the production of composting for fertilizers to be used in agriculture, traditional full or spiral cone nozzles are used, to maintain the correct degree of humidity of the product which must be constantly worked and kept in “rotation” under the spray.

For all these applications, the nozzles are almost always powered by an industrial water network which, due to the physical characteristics of the residues, we suggest the use of filtration systems to protect the nozzles, since the latter have a very small passage.

For this application it is possible to use both static line filters (with manual cleaning by the operator) and self-cleaning filtration systems, able to always keep the filter clean without the need for external intervention.


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