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NEW: vacuum dust collector by EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH

High-performance dedusting model EP 2830

for the usage at pipework constructions

High quality standards – well designed high-performance medium pressure fan for the safe usage at pipework constructions.

Configuration of the imaged device:

four cartridge filters dust class M each with 10 m² of filter surface

automatic compressed air cleaning of the cartridge filters

frequency converter for continous rotation speed control and performance enhancement of the turbine

pressure transmitter for automatic performance modulation of the turbine. The negativ pressure in the device is controlled. If several suction points are opened or closed, the rotation of the turbine will be adjusted to maintain the negativ pressure reference value

activated carbon filter module for absorbing odours and vapours

funnel outlet with lowerable dirt container


  • EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH