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NEW: waste vacuum cleaner by EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH

Professional brush-/extraction system for the manual cleaning of conductor boards after soldering (after the depanelisation)

In many cases conductor boards are still brushed by hand and freed of solder beads or other pollutions.

To optimise the cleaning process and to reduce working time, PRA 350 was developed.

The PRA 350 consists of a specially produced steel locker with a open-top stainless steel cover. Under the opening there is a rotating brush, through which the conductor board is cleaned manually and railguided .

The accruing dirt is extracted and filtered by the extraction system directly from the brush. The clean air is re-emitted to the environment. A contamination poor disposal of the material is secured.

For the optimum cleaning performance the brush is height adjustable and speed regulated. Both the rotation brush and the extraction system are antistatic, to prevent damaged by static discharge at the conductor boards.

High quality standards – well designed side-channel compressors, also suitable for 3-shift operation.

Extremly robust quality - completely electrostaticaly conductive

Comfortable handling and ergonomic working height.


  • EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH