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NEW: dry vacuum cleaner by EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH

High-performance industrial vacuum cleaner optimised for the suction of compressible material, well suited for

Textile industry: Suction of threads and fibers at textile machines Packaging industry: remains of packaging and empty packaging Paper industry: strips and cutter dust

By compressing the matters with these industrial vacuum cleaners you can reach a higher reservoir capacity compared to regular industrial vacuum cleaners.

By means of the suction air duct the matter will be sucked into the filter bag. In the filter bag the material will be compressed by the high negative pressure. Then the compressed material can be eliminated or recycled easily.

High quality standards – well-designed noise-absorbing uction aggregats. Alternating current devices suited for 3-shift-operation.

Robust, smooth-running chassis for high mobility. Compact, modular structure with high-quality stainless steel dirt container (V2A).

Suction bend with Kamlock-coupling for safe connection of the suction hose.

Lenght of connection cable: 8 m

Included in the delivery

3,5 m suction hose dia. 50 mm and beveled tube nozzle


  • EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH