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F-Tool – WatchMaker ToolSet

Production parts are becoming increasingly filigree, making the clamping of plates and stamps progressively complex. The new generation of EDM wire cutting machines will be more compact and precise. Machine manufacturers are already talking about positioning accuracy at the nanoscale. To ensure that the desired precision can be transferred to the work piece, the requirements of the wire, wire guides and in particular the tooling increase.

Within this context, F-Tool has redeveloped the WatchMaker ToolSet. With this tool set the work pieces, whether fine plates, filigree stamps or thin waves, can be clamped easily, solidly and collision-free close to the wire guides. This means that the machine can be utilised fully and the best possible quality can be achieved for the part. The small tensioning bracket and the F-Tool universal clamping plate are suitable clamping devices, which significantly improve the EDM result with respect to performance and quality.

The WatchMaker ToolSet can be clamped into the basic ruler of the F-Tool RulerSet at zero level of the machine table with a single movement. Subsequently the work pieces will be aligned and collision-free, ready for machining. F-Tool''s comprehensive assortment of clamping devices for EDM wire cutting machines range from simple tensioning brackets, through flat vices and 3D shuttles to block-index-tables. In any case, the F-Tool product range ensures fast and comfortable clamping on Z-0.


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