FAQ2R Series

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The FAQ2R has a new extruded body for all sizes that is designed for flush mounted sensors with a clean outside shape.

The updated catalog also includes rod end accessories.

The FAQ2R Series ISO-6431 compliant extruded body cylinder.

Competitively priced, with express delivery available (consult customer service). Standard delivery is 7-10 business days.

Features Include:

1. Magnetic piston is standard in all sizes.

2. Adjustable air cushions are standard in all sizes (both ends).

3. ISO 6431 dimensional interchange.

4. Machined male rod thread with jam nut is standard in all sizes.

5. Hard anodized aluminum cylinder tube I.D. & O.D. Painted end caps.

6. Cylinders can be operated with or without additional lubrication.

7. Position sensor fit into any of eight slotson four surfaces with adapters to remain flat and compact.

FAQ2R Series

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