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faytech's Resistive Touch PC Series (Intel-Based)

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We at faytech always ensure there is a wide range of standard products available for our customers in order to have solutions available for any application. Especially, with faytech's 'All-in-One' Touch PC Series, there are many different possibilities available. In this update the focus is on the Resistive Touch PCs.

faytech's Resistive Touch PC Series is still widely used by customers in industrial environments, as it is a very reliable solution for a wide range of applications. These fan-less Touch PCs with robust aluminum housing are equipped with single-point 5-wire resistive touch technology, ideal for environments where thick gloves common-use. It is equipped with the cost-effective, yet stable reliable N3350 Apollo Lake Mainboard.

Apollo Lake Mainboard

For clients that require a mid-range, powerful and cost-effective solution with Linux or Windows OS.

Available sizes: 8" - 19"

Processor: Intel Celeron N3350 Dual-Core

Core speed: 2.40 GHz

Memory: 4GB RAM

Storage: 128GB Industrial SSD

OS: Linux Ubuntu or Win 10 IoT

Additionally, all the products mentioned above are fully customizable by either adding peripherals or updating the internal connectors or case:

• RFID-, fingerprint- or laser scanner

• Integrated camera

• Customized button

• Customized connectors

• Different mounting options

• Other added peripheral possibilities

• Complete IP65 water- & dustproof

If you would like more information regarding faytech's touch PC series or any of faytech products and customization options, contact us at or reaching out to any of your local faytech office.

faytech's Resistive Touch PC Series (Intel-Based)
faytech's Resistive Touch PC Series (Intel-Based)

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