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Additional Features of faytech’s New Website

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News Update

As you know, in last months’ update we publicly announced the launch of our new faytech website! However, as we only focused on a small portion of the new website features in the last update, we would like to follow-up with another release on some more exciting features.

Additional Features of faytech’s New Website

Below, we have once again summarized a few important features which allow you to easily navigate through the website and reach out to us!

- Contact and Service

As you already know, faytech is well known for providing local service to our customers all around the world. In order to create an easy overview, all of faytech’s global offices are listed on our contact page, so do not hesitate to reach out regarding any requests or questions. Additionally, check out our service & support or Troubleshooting & FAQs page to assist you with any helps any after-sales issues or questions you might have.

- Career / Jobs

We are always looking to further strengthen our teams across all our offices, and we have a complete page dedicated to this on the career page. There are currently many open positions across different offices and we are more than happy to expand our faytech team globally!

- Technology Partners & Where to buy

To ensure the best quality and support for you, our customers and partners, we are constantly working on improving and enhancing our solutions. And to support us with this, we proudly mention some of our renowned partners at the specified technology partners page. Besides this, we have set-up a ‘Where-to-buy’ page focusing on the connected companies, platforms and offices worldwide that directly sell our products, which allows you to easily find a platform or contact point to directly purchase our products.

- Corporate Governance

Ethical and fair business practices is very important to us as a global organization, which is why we are very open about our corporate guidelines, codes of conducts and working conditions. More information about faytech AG’s business practices, together with our global certificates and declarations can be found on the corporate governance page.

As always, make sure to check out the new faytech website for yourself to fully experience all available features! Should you have any feedback or improvement suggestions, please contact us through the website contact form, or reach out to

Additional Features of faytech's New Website
Additional Features of faytech's New Website

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