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High-Tech Enterprise Certificate & Products Update

We are glad to announce that earlier this year, faytech’s 2nd factory, located in Suining, China, received the “National High-Tech Enterprise Certificate”.

With our Shenzhen factory receiving the certificate back in 2017, we can proudly state and prove that both our manufacturing plants in China are dedicated to Research & Development, continuous innovation and possess unique technology.

Receiving this certificate allows us to receive a great deal of additional benefits, such as: further brand recognition within China, prioritized processing of construction project, more financial opportunities, and lastly, the ease of attracting professional talents due to listings on special entrepreneurial boards.

In order to keep up with the market trends and customer demands, as well as finding unique solutions to counter the component shortages, we have made a few slight updates to our Capacitive Touch Monitors and Capacitive Touch PCs (Intel N4200 & i5-7300U).

High-Tech Enterprise Certificate & Products Update


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