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Tiger Lake U and Elkhart Lake: New Touch PCs Launch!

News Update

We are expanding our product portfolio to include touch PCs with the Intel Tiger Lake and Intel Elkhart Lake processor generations. The solutions are available on our website, as well as our European B2B web shop!

Tiger Lake U offers, among other things, a larger core cache, improved core performance and support for PCIe 4.0, LPDDR4x and DDR4 memory. Elkhart Lake also shines with more computing power, higher bandwidths and faster data transfers. In addition, the processor has a larger number of I/O lanes.

Our portfolio upgrade marks a decisive step towards more powerful and efficient touch solutions for you and your customers. And best of all, you get our new products at a lower price than the touch PCs with the processors of the previous generation.

Touch PCs from faytech®:


7-27″ Capacitive Touch PCs

Tiger Lake U

Intel® Core™ i5-1145G7E


240 GB SSD

Debian 12 / Windows 10 & 11 / Linux Ubuntu

Elkhart Lake

Intel® Atom® x6413E


120 GB SSD

Debian 12 / Windows 10 & 11 / Linux Ubuntu

Would you like to know more? We provide you with a wealth of further information in an explanatory video by our CTO Arne Weber, an animation showing the modular concept and I/O overview of these solutions.

Contact your sales representative for more information on the above, or order directly in our B2B Webshop portal.


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