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Factory & Office Tours at Four faytech Locations in China!

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Are you curious to learn more about what is going on at the factories and offices at faytech in China? Well, you are in luck as throughout 2023 and 2024 we have made four factory and office tour videos! So, get right into it and join Nicolas (aka Charbax) and Arne Weber (managing founder) as they guide you through the different locations, with each location having a specialist join to explain the processes.

faytech Factory Tour 2024 – Suining, China

Join Arne Weber and Jack Liu as they guide us through the 12,000 square meter facility focusing on electronics assembly and manufacturing of faytech’s finished touch monitors and PCs. The one-hour video with Charbax behind the camera provided exciting insights into the production process. It also shows the working hands that create our solutions in faytech quality.

Location: Suining Europe-America Industrial Park | Suining, China

Size: 12,000 square meters

Focus: Electronics assembly, mass production of touchscreen monitors & PCs

Zentner (Sichuan) Technology Factory Tour 2024 – Suining, China

Join Arne Weber and Afei Chen as they give us a comprehensive tour at Zentner (Sichuan) Technology, a touchscreen case & metal production factory, which is a joint venture of faytech and Zentner in Germany. This factory is located just 30 meters from the faytech electronics assembly factory in Suining, China.

Afei Chen, the factory manager, together with Arne, explains the manufacturing processes and machines used, such as laser cutting and bending machines, as well as various other machines, such as CNC-, stamping-, riveting-, welding- and polishing machines.

Location: Suining Europe-America Industrial Park | Suining, China

Size: 6,000 square meters

Focus: Metal & case production (touchscreen PC & Monitor cases)

faytech Factory Tour 2023 – Huizhou, China

Join Arne Weber and Haber Guo as they walk you through the faytech factory in Huizhou, China. The tour includes the high-class cleanroom, production area, storage facility, testing rooms and office spaces. While walking through the high-tech facility, Arne explains the processes from components, such as glass panels and touch sensors, all the way to touch kits and touch solutions. The one-of-a-kind auto optical bonding line for large formats shown in action, which is truly at the forefront in the optical bonding market!

Location: Huiyang District, Huizhou City | Huizhou, China

Size: 6,500 square meters

Focus: Front kit production, optical bonding

faytech Office Tour 2023 – Shenzhen, China

In this video, follow Arne Weber and Michael Faass as we tour through the office in Shenzhen to provide cool updates on the latest faytech solutions, introduce the new management team, meet new and old faces and give further updates on our innovations in progress!

Location: Winlead Intelligent Park in Bantian | Shenzhen, China

Focus: Offices, R&D, sales, marketing, administration teams

Get in touch with us for more details and information on our locations, products and solutions!

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