Gas Control System for Ladle Purging

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The gas control station and the ladle purging plug define the Ladle Purging

System. The gas control station provides all the required features and functions

to design the purging process. For the process design, reproducibility, functionality

and dynamics are important aspects, the design of the gas control system

has to unify all required aspects.

Our product range of gas control systems is exactly what our customer want,

because we design them according to their requirements.

The specification of the Flox[on] mass flow controllers cover the full range of

Ladle Purging applications. Flox[on] mass flow controllers are specially designed

to perform in the challenging environment of the steel industry.

The specification and functions of the gas control stations are designed to fit for

all ladle treatment applications:

• Purging at BOF tapping

• Purging at EAF tapping

• Ladle Furnace Purging

• VD and VOD Purging

• Purging at the RH Degaser

Functions and application can be combined in a single system to optimize investment costs and space requirement. Auxiliary systems like high pressure

booster and emergency gas supply systems can easily get connected to the

systems and are also part of our supply.

Gas Control System for Ladle Purging

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