Test Unit for RH Lift Gas Tuyeres - Steel Process

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S standalone ans simple plug&play Solution for the steel industry

Selective control and regulation of the lift gas in each individual tuyere of the

snorkel guarantees an optimized process and a positive effect on the durability

of the refractory material.

One of our newest developments is our test unit for lift gas, to proof the tightness

and flow-rate of the tuyeres and piping of the snorkel assembly before it

goes into operation. Gas consumption, flow and pressure can be measured and

documented to guarantee 100 % availability and increased functionality of each


The Advantages are:

• Numeric results (comparable indicators)

• Standardized testing procedure, independent from operator

• Snorkel quality indicators over time

• Increase of process reliability

• Increase of refractory performance

• Low operation costs

• Low investment costs

Test Unit for RH Lift Gas Tuyeres - Steel Process

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