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As UR+ Solutions Partner FerRobotics has developed the Active Orbital Kit 905 especially for the Universal Robots models UR10 and UR10E as a complete plug&play grinding and polishing solution

The AOK/905 is the perfect package solution for the surface refinement of complex shaped workpieces when an absolutely high-quality surface treatment with UR Cobots is required. In order to obtain a perfect surface, the ideal contact force is applied evenly along the entire surface during the grinding or polishing process, enabling a high process speed. The unique Active Compliant Technology enables much faster contacting of the object and much higher process speeds than other technologies. The AOK/905 automatically compensates surface tolerances up to 35.5 mm with guaranteed constant contact force. The random orbital sander is optimized for industrial robot use and combines the control of speed, contact force and feed rate. All AOK/905 system components are perfectly matched and the lightweight design is compact and robust. This reliable performance package makes the AOK/905 the superior grinding solution for UR robots, whereby collaborative robots from other manufacturers can also be equipped with the active sanding head. The advantage of the AOK/905 is certainly the fact that the UR10E version is not absolutely necessary, which makes the investment costs even more attractive.

Users benefit from the simple out-of-the-box integration, the fast job adjustment and the perfect sanding quality. This system solution increases the quality level, lowers production costs, enables amortization in record time and increases productivity. This solution is an excellent investment, especially for small and medium-sized companies that are struggling with a shortage of labour shortages and are now considering automating their sanding processes.

You can find out more about the Active Orbital Kit AOK in general and the AOK/905 for UR Cobots in particular at or contact FerRobotics at +43 720 108107-0 or

Active Orbital Kit 905 from FerRobotics
Active Orbital Kit 905 from FerRobotics

Sanding kit for Universal Robots models UR10 and UR10E

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