Air motors: to be integrated in the machining sector

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An application case and Fiam solution

Features of motors for this sector:

- Compact motors, built from high-strength steel and with manual starting devices

- Power range: 150 to 800 Watt

- No-load speed: from 40 to 15,000 rpm

- Torque values: from 1 to 50 Nm.

Below a case study about integration in the machining sector

Manufacture of machining arms incorporating motors designed to handle various different machining processes, including tapping. Motors have to:

- be able to handle high torque levels

- feature great power and strength, making them suitable for heavy-duty work

- have a grip for manual lever starting.

Our solution

Motors with power ranging from 300 to 600 Watt, made to suit the size of the machines they are due to be fitted inside.

Designed with housings featuring a manual start lever. Inner workings to suit the different torque/speed ratios required.

Motor with lever start
Motor with lever start

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