Air motors: the features to be integrated in the textile sector

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An application case and Fiam solution

Features of motors for this sector:

- Plenty of scope for customizing in terms of size

- A key, essential requirement is the absence of electricity as a power source to prevent the risk of fire. ATEX certification on request

- Special galvanic treatment on inner workings to increase corrosion resistance where the use of lubricated compressed air is not an option.

- Power range: 150 to 800 Watt

- No-load speed: from 40 to 15,000 rpm

- Torque values: from 1 to 90 Nm.

Below a case study

Manufacture of fabric finishing machinery with high-speed motors built in to drive a fan used in processing the fabric. The motors to be built in have to:

- work in high moisture conditions as the fabric to be prepared is still in its raw state

- meet safety condi tions in wet areas (electric motors and relevant cables constitute a hazard for wet manufacturing environments)

- must drive heavy rollers and cope with particularly heavy-duty work given the repeated starting and stopping over the course of various work shifts.

Our solution

Rugged 15-, 20- and 28M-series motors with power ranging from 150 to 300 Watt. The motors provide a high rpm and have a great ability

to withstand locked-rotor torque to provide continuous service when starting under load.

Compact motor in high resistance steel
Compact motor in high resistance steel

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