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Our industrial air motors are designed to be installed on machinery or inside manual tools for wide range of applications. To the present our motors drive over 1,5 million of machines around the world.

Available in different power range (from 120 to 800 watt), they are extremely strong and reliable. Main fields of application are: mixing of liquid substances, moving, bottling, rising, drilling, milling, grinding, sawing etc.

Compact and light, they are easy to use in every situation; moreover, thanks to their extremely reduced dimensions, they are a quarter of the equivalent electric motor and therefore they can be installed on machines for treating alimentary substances, conveyor belts, feed and drag-handling devices of mechanical parts and all kinds of different machines.

Compared to electric motors of the same power, they are able to work even in difficult working conditions, especially repeated stops and starts and, if brought to stall, do not generate any overheating. Moreover, the basic parameters such as torque, speed and direction of rotation can be controlled and modified simply and without the aid of the control unit as in the case of the electric motor. Extremely efficient even in the presence of low supply pressures and on request, in special versions for non-lubricated air supply.

The customisation factor is of paramount importance. For this reason, Fiam has an area dedicated exclusively to the creation of customised solutions and specialised in the production of small series. So the customisations possible are numerous - from the materials to the dimensions, to the performance features of each motor.

Our motors can be manufactured with the most different materials (for example stainless steel or plastic materials), with custom dimensions or with different output shafts to the personalization of performance characteristics such as, for example, operation at very low rpm. They all work perfectly in humid environments and in the presence of liquids and are also tested to radioactive environments. They can be provided, on request, also with certification ATEX Ex II 2G / D c IIC T5.

The versatility permits the employment on machines for the treatment of alimentary or chemical substances, bottling, packaging and packing but also in machines or pumps for fluids, for the processing of glass and many other processes in the agro-food sectors, cosmetic, pharmaceutical-medical, bindery, in the window frames industry and plastic, coating, assembly and sheet metal working. They are also specific applications in agricultural industry and gardening as well as paper and textile.

Now it has to decide. Which power suits you better? Contact us to check the best solution for your application.

Fiam air motors
Fiam air motors

Designed to be installed on machinery or inside manual tools for wide range of applications

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