Tightening automatic modules for furniture industry

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Assembly automatically sliding devices for chairs

Automatic fastening of 6 threaded bushes on left and right sliding devices.

The solution is to be integrated into the production cycle: a Cartesian robot picks up the components molded by an injection

molding machine and places them on a mobile jig including regolation templates; ones assembled, the robot picks and removes the elements. The machine is interfaced via PLC with the molding machine Fiam has designed and manufactured 2 tightening automatic modules for the automatic machine. The solution, to be integrated into customer’s production line, consists of:

✔ Customized jig adjustable and then re-convertible according to different production batches

✔ Bushes feeding end automatic escapement system

✔ Two tightening units equipped with 2 triple movement sledges, housing 2 air nutrunner motors

✔ The units move along 3 linear axes X, Y and Z which allow to reach all the different assembly points

✔ The wheelbase is adjustable with a specific highprecision device that is extremely flexible because manually adjustable depending the change of components

✔ Control panel to manage the working cycle.

The solution feeding system provides manufacturing operations with a cycle time of 10 seconds/piece

Reliability of assembly: all 6 tightenings occur automatically and with precision.

2 tightening automatic modules
2 tightening automatic modules

2 tightening automatic modules

2 tightening automatic modules

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