Collaborative robots at the service of industrial tightening

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A new patented technology, entirely designed and produced by Fiam

Collaborative robots are opening more and more new scenarios in industrial production as they are the ideal candidates to carry out not only handling operations but also bench tightening.

In fact, via Cobots, hybrid operations can be performed between man and robot and the fundamental aspect, given the greater freedom of subdivision of tasks between operator and robot, is to be able to automate repetitive operations to best use the operator's skills, making the day-to-day work much more motivating by occupying more qualified tasks.

In this perspective, performing the tightening operations through the collaborative robot is now an increasingly requested mode and Fiam responds with a new patented technology, entirely designed and produced in its historic headquarters in Vicenza.

The solution includes:

- Special air or electronic nutrunner motor which is installed on the Cobot wrist; for torque ranges up to 5.6 Nm, it is equipped with automatic screw feeder and is able to relate to the line PLC and receive start remotely.

- Screw feeder: in addition to all the features already present in Fiam standard feeders, it is characterized by the presence of the Modbus TCP / IP communication protocol : this field bus allows a wider and faster communication of all data related to the work cycle and digital input and output signals exchanged to/from Cobot controller. It allows to change the machine operating parameters remotely, delivers a range of flow chart information and possibility to have details on faults and anomalies.

- Tightening accuracy and precision: to satisfy every need it is possible to employ DC electronic nutrunner motors fitted with a torque transducer and resolver for a high resolution in the measurement of the torque / angle parameters. In this case the system must be combined with the Power and Control Unit, which performs programming and control functions of each phase of the tightening cycle and is designed to communicate with the screw feeder and the outside (for example, PLC Master of the customer) through the numerous digital I / O it is equipped with. Luminous LEDs also allow immediate DIAGNOSTIC verification of the programmed outputs.

An extraordinary solution that allows to reach the unquestionable advantages of a Smart Factory where technology becomes an enabling factor to obtain an interconnected factory, more performing, more productive thanks to a better man-machine collaboration.

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Tightening module for COBOT
Tightening module for COBOT

The configuration shows the solution with an autofeed electronic nutrunner motor and unit for programming and managing each phase of the tightening cycle

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