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ThermoView TV40 Pan and Tilt

Large-area thermal viewing

Fluke Process Instruments has launched the rugged Pan and Tilt enclosure for its ThermoView TV40 thermal imaging camera. Enabling 24/7 large-area monitoring for hot spots, cold spots, or temperature irregularities, the TV40 Pan and Tilt is a powerful critical asset monitoring tool. The enclosure for wall or pedestal mounting can rotate the camera head a full 360° continuously and tilt it from -40° to 90°. It has a -40 °C to 50 °C ambient temperature range and provides IP66 ingress protection against water and dust. Applications include ensuring the functionality of electric power infrastructure and fire prevention in coal yards, grain storage, and recycling facilities. The TV40 integrates thermal and visual sighting capabilities for easy camera alignment and added detail on blended infrared and visual images. Analysis tools include image subtraction, isotherms, and histograms. Users can define an unlimited number of AOI (areas of interest) with individual conditions for automatic alarms via Modbus, digital outputs, or email. In contrast to intermittent checks with handheld thermal cameras, this system is always on the spot and unfailingly monitors areas at risk, allowing timely corrective action. The Modbus output allows for easy SCADA integration. In addition, the system also features 1-Gbit Ethernet communication with PoE capability.


  • Berlin, Germany
  • Leonardo Trame