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DATAPAQ Q1860: Charge and change

User-friendly thermal profiling system with exchangeable battery pack

Charge and change

Fluke Process Instruments introduces user-friendly thermal profiling system with exchangeable battery pack

Fluke Process Instruments has further enhanced the availability of its DATAPAQ Q18 data loggers, enabling users to easily exchange the rechargeable battery pack themselves. This saves time and expenses especially for heavy users of the temperature profiling systems. The DATAPAQ Q18 product line is a favorite choice for profiling various industrial thermal processes from electronics packaging and assembly, through paint and powder coating, to metal heat treatment. Its key benefits are ease of use and low cost of ownership due to the use of rechargeable long-life NiMH batteries. With the new, improved logger case design users merely need to loosen two screws in order to swap out the battery pack. The data logger meanwhile retains all calibration and internal data. Fluke Process Instruments has launched the user-exchangeable power pack on all new DATAPAQ Q1860 six-channel data loggers. Existing units can be converted at a small charge. Additional logger types will follow. Customers can order the battery pack as a spare part (BP1066) through the regular sales channels or directly from a DATAPAQ service center of their choice.


  • Berlin, Germany
  • Stephan Wilke