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Endurance: Sturdy infrared thermometer for steelworks

Reliability and usability

Endurance series pyrometers from temperature measurement expert Fluke Process Instruments provide high reliability and usability in demanding primary and secondary metals production applications. The rugged infrared thermometers take non-contact measurements and are used to control process stability, product quality, and fuel efficiency. Featuring a 1 µm, 1.6 µm, or 2.4 µm spectral response, the sensors achieve significantly higher accuracies than longer-wavelength sensors. The Endurance series covers measured temperatures from 50 °C to 3,200 °C with just a few models. Therefore, it takes fewer units to monitor entire processes. Models with one-color and two-color (ratio pyrometer) operating modes are available, the latter for measured temperatures as low as 250 °C. Ratio pyrometers ensure correct readings even in dust-saturated or steamed-up surroundings. The series is designed for comfortable operation. A backlit rear-panel with tactile feedback allows for easy, intuitive on-site configuration and read-out. Furthermore, the sensors can be remotely operated. Profinet, RS-485, and Industrial Ethernet interfaces are available. What is more, Fluke Process Instruments has integrated a range of sighting options and offers a high-resolution on-board video camera for remote monitoring of the application and sensor alignment via Industrial Ethernet. Depending on visibility in the particular application, laser or LED sighting can be used to mark the position and size of the measurement spot. The sensors are enabled for the harshest industrial environments. They feature galvanically isolated I/Os and a stainless steel IP65 housing and withstand ambient temperatures up to 315 °C using cooling accessories. The manufacturer provides a best-in-class four-year warranty.


  • Berlin, Germany
  • Stephan Wilke