Green Blow – A High efficiency Green breath

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Several features allow Green Blow to be the cheapest alternative, of easy installation and energy-safe for cooling, cleaning and drying of any surface.

With an installed power of only 0.37 kW, Green Blow allows to generate a flow of air of high velocity and pressure, allowing a rapid drying of the transported product.

Using the adjustable diffuser 620mm, specially designed to maximize the performance of Green Blow, you can reach average speeds of 47m / s and pressure of 1300Pa and direct the air flow without affecting the efficiency of drying, creating a real "air knife".

Further strengths of Green Blow are the containment of noise (73,6dBA) and weight (7.5kg), the ease of installation and extremely low maintenance.

We successfully carried out applications on different fields:

- ceramics production: tiles cooling at the inlet of the digital printers and tiles cleaning at the exit of the furnace

- glass production: cleaning and drying glass sheets after cutting process

- packaging: drying can / bottle before labeling

all these applications can be replicated in other fields with similar needs.

A range of accessories for its fixing to the conveyor line as well as several Diffusers are also available in order to satisfy your needs.

The R&D department of FM is carrying out a broad range of activities on this product: the development of new versions of Green Blow is in progress, as well as new accessories to better meet the market demands.

All details of this product are available on our B2B catalogue on our website:

Green Blow – A High efficiency Green breath

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