FM Idler roller conveyors: simplicity and flexibility for a modular transport

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All FM rollers have an aluminum anodized structure and are designed according to a principle of flexibility and modularity that gives the possibility to realize sliding systems of various sizes (both lateral and plane), with different types of roller (plastic or polyurethane) to meet all transport and flow rate needs.

All rollers are designed to have a quick and easy installation, even thanks to the range of supports and accessories that facilitate fixing and customization for your application.

Thanks to the roller rolling and to tribological coupling of materials, the roller conveyor shows an excellent wear resistance and a good flowability, even in environments with dust and enamels.

There are three main types of rollers on our catalogue:

- Modular and Load bearing roller conveyors have the main task to create sliding conveyor carpets but are also used to provide an effective lateral support.

It is possible to join the bars one another in order to compose quickly the desired width of the carpet.

The Load bearing roller conveyor, unlike the modular model, doesn''t need an external structure because, as the name says, the aluminum frame particularly complex and robust, makes it suitable also for heavy load charge.

- Projecting Roller Conveyors on the other hand, are the most widely used model to create a lateral support and guide for moving packages.

Available with different types of aluminum structure to better adapt to the use: with one or two grips (from the top and/or aside), with one, two, three cavities in order to meet the most complex fastening or driving requirements of the article.

This roller conveyor is provided with different types of roller: Cylindricals pitch 24 or 16 and Conicals, all made up in polyurethane material in order to avoid spoiling it.

Some conveying heads that help the input/output of the product in the flow are also available.

- Heavy line is the last set of articles introduced: modular conveyors that can withstand very high weights, guaranteeing at the time an excellent roller flow.

All these items are available on our B2B catalogue, easily accessible from the web site

FM Idler roller conveyors: simplicity and flexibility for a modular transport

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