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Green Blow can however also be used in other industrial sectors when it is necessary to cool/clean items and/or devices. An analysis of market needs and the use of the latest design technology and simulation made it possible to obtain significant benefits and improvements in several areas compared to the previous solutions and to competitors.

Green Blow presents many features, including:

- 25% higher flow values compared to the previous blower, although with a smaller motor.

- speed of the outgoing air about 28% higher: an high output speed is essential for an effective cooling of the tiles.

- greater uniformity of the air flow: the optimization of the diffuser shape - adjustable with inclinations from 10 ° to 45 ° - allows a real blade of air across the entire width.

- the above features lead Green Blow to have a cooling capacity higher than 80% over previous models.

- motor downsizing: from 1.1kW motor previously used, it has been reduced the motor size to 0.37kW, ​​with a resulting decline in the consumption of electrical energy and a decrease in weight by more than 40% compared to the previous model.

- less noise: 40% reduction thanks to the new blower''s fluid dynamic optimization of components.

Green Blow is on the market as the most economical solution, with easy installation and safe energy for cooling and cleaning any surface.

It is also available a "self-supporting bridge" (visible in the video) which allows the strong fixing of the blower to the line even in case of very large frames. It is adjustable both in height and in width.

Green Blow - a breath of news

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