JOB CNC Perimeter fittings assembly station

Fom Industrie Aluminium and PVC working machines
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- Area 1 is the operator''s work station. Here, the operator can use a dedicated software to select the correct sequence of components that make up the fittings kit. Area 1 is used to cut the cremone bolt to size and has a handy numbered store for accessories. On request, it can also be provided with a complete set of additional accessories, such as glazing strip size measurement, hammer work and any others available from the options in the catalogue.

- Area 2 is the section dedicated to automatically screwing in the fittings. This performs a complete screwing cycle while keeping the sash clamped in the correct position. The screwing in cycle is carried out in masked time, while the operator prepares the fittings kit in Area 1. On request, Area 2 can also load and unload the sash.

The JOB CNC can be configured with various layouts with the areas in line or at 90° in order to adapt to the customer''s logistic requirements.

For any needs or explanations regarding the various configurations available, please do not hesitate to call our offices or contact our area managers.

JOB CNC Perimeter fittings assembly station

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