Introduction to Dual Absolute Technology for Air Leak Testing

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The Dual Absolute technology

Mr. Stefano Bizzari in charge of the R&D department of ForTest introduces the new technology for industrial leak testing.

The Dual Absolute system, from the hardware point of view, consists of two solid state transducers assembled to be used to measure two absolute pressure decays; a dedicated software algorithm takes care of making the difference between the two absolute pressure drops.

The PLUS of DUAL ABSOLUTE technology can be summarized in 8 points, which significantly improve the differential pressure decay technology.

✔ SAMPLING REFERENCE AT PROGRAMMABLE LAPSE: In DUAL ABSOLUTE mode, it is possible to set a time interval between a reference sampling and the next one, which eliminates any thermal and mechanical influences on the measurement.

✔ SENSITIVITY AS A DIFFERENTIAL SYSTEM: Thanks to DUAL ABSOLUTE technology, we guarantee the same measurement sensitivity as a classic differential system.

✔ DUAL SAFE: Thanks to the DUAL SAFE algorithm, the system is inherently safe because each channel, through a "cross-check" technique, guarantees the functioning of the other channel.

✔ SOLID STATE MEASURE: The hardware used for DUAL ABSOLUTE technology, insensitive to moisture, makes expensive compressed air filtration systems, which are necessary in classic capacitive differential systems, superfluous.

✔ DOUBLE PRODUCTIVITY: Thanks to the inherently safe ZERO CENTER mode, it is possible to test two parts at a time, halving the cycle times. This mode is also present in classic differential systems, which, however, in case of equal leakage on both parts under test, does not detect the presence of leaks.

✔ NO PERIODIC MAINTENANCE: The use of the best electro-pneumatic components, and circuit optimization, totally eliminates the need for preventive maintenance, almost mandatory on differential systems currently on the market.

✔ HIGH TEST PRESSURE: Using solid state pressure transducers, absolute technology can be used for applications up to 200 Bar.

✔ HIGH MEASUREMENT DYNAMICS: Thanks to the high measuring dynamics (virtually from zero to full scale of the instrument even in the decay measurement), filling and stabilization times can be significantly reduced.

Introduction to Dual Absolute for air leak testing
Introduction to Dual Absolute for air leak testing

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