FPZ expands its product range with ATEX certified blowers

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The 94/9/CE Directive and related harmonized standards governs the safety requirements for appliances and equipment suitable for use in environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere and defines the criteria which guarantee the freedom of movement on the market. In accordance with this Directive, FPZ has developed new blowers belonging to group II, eligible to work in zone 1 or 2; some features make these machines suitable for the transport of flammable fluids such as natural gas, biogas, singas.

FPZ blowers provide an adequate level of protection for both systems: areas where it is likely the formation of explosive atmospheres (category 2G) and areas where it is less likely to form an explosive atmosphere (category 3G).

In addition, the FPZ blowers in category 2G and 2G/3G have been certified by ICIM, Italian Certification system notified No. 0425 for the main European Directives product.

This is a further guarantee of the high quality and safety provided by FPZ products.

Atex classification:

CE Ex II 2G c T3 (use in zone 1)

CE Ex II 2G/3G c T3 (installation in zone 2 with internal circulation of air / gas classified as zone 1)

FPZ expands its product range with ATEX certified blowers

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