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SERCOP is the Special Authority of Municipalities of Rhodenese for Services to the Person, created to respond to the social needs of the territory, through the development of quality services that provide concrete support to people in need and fragility.

In particular, SERCOP ( manages the Disabled Transport Service and the Barrier Free Party Project for people with disabilities in Rhodenese, as well as other projects for accompanying disabled, elderly and all those who have mobility difficulties, to centers of assistance, hospitals and places of life in general.

The numbers are really impressed. Thanks to his work SERCOP accompanies every day over 380 people with disabilities, of which more than 70 are children, from their home to over 40 different destinations.

With the Party without Barriers project, more than 60 recreational initiatives were held between 2017 and 2018, with the participation of more than 1600 participants.

Given the conditions of the people being transported, means are needed that are also equipped for transporting wheelchairs.

With the “Guaranteed Mobility” project, of the company PMG ITALIA SpA of Milan, SERCOP will be able to obtain this vehicle on loan for free use.

The vehicle will in fact be financed by companies that, by purchasing an advertising space, will allow the project to go ahead and continue to help those in need.

F.lli Giacomello has chosen to join the initiative, appearing not with its own logo, but with a design that can be the symbol of the great work that SERCOP and PMG ITALIA SpA do every day, allowing people in difficulty to continue go far.


  • Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Barbara Cinicola