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RL / M12


The Rapid Level series has always been the unmistakable brand of F.lli Giacomello, appreciated throughout the world for its flexibility, safety and ease of use.

This large family includes the RL / MG12, the vertical level switches for mounting inside the tank, with M12 fixing.

The RL / MG12 can be used for dirty liquids, water, oils, refrigerating oils and tolerates the presence of metal particles, even ferrous, as the float does not carry a magnet and is integral with the rod.

Total safety is determined by the fact that the electrical part is completely separated on the side of the tank and perfectly sealed with respect to the external side by means of a total resin coating of the outgoing cable.

These small levels have other interesting features:

• The desired length can be obtained simply by cutting the steel rod with a simple pipe cutter; or you can change the point of intervention using a float with a through hole that allows, whenever there is a need, to modify the liquid control point.

• Only one float can operate a single Reed (min. Or max. Level).

• They can be requested already prepared for the control of pre-determined quotas.

• For tanks with liquid in movement, a calm pipe in brass or Aisi 316 may be required.

• On request, the float can be supplied with through holes and then positioned on the rod in the desired point without cutting the rod itself, which can therefore be as long as the height of the tank. Then the liquid control point can, if necessary, be modified as desired, simply by moving the float. Available on request with retainers in Aisi 316.

RL / M12: The ideal level to control a point of intervention (maximum or minimum) in absolute safety and in all conditions of use.


  • Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Barbara Cinicola