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The perfect level for "maxi" unit

The Rapid Level series has always been the unmistakable mark of F. Gia Giacomello, appreciated all over the world for its flexibility, safety and ease of use.

RL / G1 MAXI is part of this series that as the other series products can be used for dirty liquids, water, oil, coolants and tolerates the presence of metallic particles even ferrous thanks to the float that does not carry a magnet and is solid with the auction.

In addition to these, the RL-G1 has many features that make it a truly unique one:

- Possibility to control up to 3 meters.

- Full and floating shaft in expanded PVC.

- Adjustment of the intervention point in a simple and fast way

It also ensures total safety, determined by the fact that the electric part is completely separate in the tank side and perfectly sealed with respect to the outside, by ultrasonic welding and pin resination.

The nylon-glass body is robust from a mechanical point of view, extremely resistant to the chemical profile and ideal as a Reed contact insulator container and the control rod can switch on the 1 or 2 Reed signal in sequence (simple contact or exchange).

Its operating temperature ranges from -20 to + 80 ° C and can reach up to 120 ° C on request at a maximum pressure of 10 bar.

You can get the desired length simply by moving the two locks that lock it, changing each time you need the point of intervention.

RL / G1-MAXI: patented levelers with unique features.


  • Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Fratelli Giacomello