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F.lli Giacomello has been producing level indicators since 1985 and markets them all over the world. Over the years it has made itself known on the market for its flexibility and has established itself thanks to its ability to respond to the different needs of customers.

The research of the company team has led, over the years, to the creation of products capable of guaranteeing ever higher levels of precision and safety, as in the case of the IEG-BTMM-3/8.

These are electromagnetic level indicators with 3/8 ”gas connection and double SPST contact or minimum-vacuum contact. Their function is to guarantee with maximum safety the minimum and vacuum levels of liquids in tanks, hydraulic power packs containing mineral oils with viscosities not higher than 220 cSt. and for all non-corrosive and flammable liquids.

When the indicator float during its stroke meets the Reed switch incorporated in the preset point, the contact, solicited by the magnet housed in the float, opens or closes, thus having the possibility of remotely sending a luminous, acoustic recall signal or activate or stop any electrical equipment connected to it.

The IEG-BTMM minimum and empty levels are used to have a double alarm signal at a predetermined distance. The first is normally used to signal the approach of lack of liquid; the second can be used as a machine stop or other. The contacts that are activated by a single float can be at least 25 mm apart from each other. Furthermore, the signals can be activated (in the absence of liquid) consecutively (close) or deactivated (open). The same concept can be applied for maximum level control (max. And extramax.).

With the IEG-BTMM-3/8, safety reaches the highest levels.


  • Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Barbara Cinicola